August Is Cataract Awareness Month: Get Facts

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Approximately twenty-two million Americans over the age of forty suffer from the vision impairment caused by cataracts. If you are lucky enough to dodge this statistic, you aren’t guaranteed safety from the disease. Studies have shown that 955 adults over the age of 80 suffer from cataracts. Cataracts are leading the causes of vision loss worldwide.

The cause of cataracts

Cataracts occur naturally as an individual age. Over time, the lens located behind the pupil begins to wear. The cells that compose the lens begin to die. Since there is no way for the eye to purge these cells, they slowly begin to add up, affecting the vision of the given eye.

The symptoms of cataracts

The accumulation of these dead cells causes the vision to become yellowed and blurry. In the early stages, the effects are moderate and can generally be overcome by glasses or brighter lights. In later stages, as the effects become more severe, vision can be severely impaired. When this occurs, the only way to correct the vision problems is through surgery.

Cataract surgery

If you have to experience the symptoms of cataracts, you should seriously consider visiting a local ophthalmologist. If the problem is indeed cataracts, they can tell you whether surgery is necessary now or if it would be best to wait. Cataract surgery is a procedure where a specialist removes the old, worn-out lens and replaces it with a new synthetic lens.

Recovering from cataract surgery

Since cataract surgery is so prevalent, it has become a highly perfected and safe procedure. Following the procedure, a patient may see results immediately, or the results may be more gradual. The results vary from patient to patient. Cataract surgery also has a quick recovery time. The most common restrictions include avoiding bending and lifting heavy items. Other than that, the patient may resume normal activities the day following surgery.

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