Changing Your Nutrition As You Age

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As you get older, your eating habits need to change as well. Your ageing body needs different nutrients than your younger body required. By incorporating foods into your diet that will help keep your body and bones strong, as well as keeping your mind sharp, you’ll maintain a healthier perspective on life.

There are various foods that you can add to your diet to accomplish these goals. Paying closer attention to what you eat as you age will help ensure that you still have a long, healthy life ahead of you.

Load up on the dairy products. As you get older, you need lots of calcium. The best way to get calcium is through dairy products. Dairy is also an easy way to ensure that you get enough vitamin D. Many older people suffer from a vitamin D deficiency, so you can avoid this problem with dairy products. Just make sure you choose low fat and non-fat products to avoid packing on the pounds.

As you age, you need plenty of other vitamins and antioxidants. You can find these in foods that are colourful. Go shopping for fruits and veggies and choose the ones that are the brightest in colour. Leafy greens are also good for the body.

You can still enjoy various meats as you age, as long as you stick to lean cuts. Avoid meats with a layer of fat on them. For instance, a skinless chicken breast makes a good choice for a meal. Make sure you pay attention to your portion size and avoid excessive portion sizes.

Fish is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids. These acids help lower your cholesterol levels, which is even more important as you get older. You can find these helpful acids in oily fish, like salmon. You only need about two servings per week to meet your dietary requirements.

Cut down on sweets, or eliminate them together. While it’s hard to maintain a healthy diet, if you find yourself craving the bad, be conscious about what you choose. If you love ice cream, try low-fat yoghurt instead. If you enjoy candy, choose a low sugar option, or try dark chocolate instead of regular.

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