Fighting Loneliness: Why It Matters To Your Health

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It’s the most beautiful time of the year.

At least that’s what the songs on the radio tell us. But for many seniors, it’s anything but. This bustling time of the year is now filled with melancholic reflections and hours of solitude. The children have grown up and moved away. Friends are getting older. People are simply “doing their thing.” And the pile of party invitations and holiday cards gets shorter every year.

Maybe we should change the tune to: It’s the loneliness time of the year.

Expectations are highest this time of year, thanks in part to holiday music and ideal family movies. Doesn’t everyone have the perfect family that does everything together this time of year? It’s easy to think you’re the only one that feels isolated.

And loneliness can also be more. Rather than just being a response to the current happenings, it can also be a profound reminder of emotional experiences and traumas from long ago, triggers that remind you of things you’d instead not remember.

Avoid Media

Jump onto Facebook, and you’ll see everyone living in perfect situations. The news shares stories of how we’re doing everything together. The last thing you need when you’re feeling melancholy is to have everyone else’s “happiness” splashed in your face. Avoid it. Pull out your favourite movies instead. Read a book. Or phone a friend. In most cases, avoiding the holidays can help you stay more positive throughout the season.

Get Out And Do Things

Just because the world seems to get busier this time of year doesn’t mean you have to stay away from the crowds. You can and should get out and enjoy the holidays, even if it’s only once a week. Instead of joining in on Saturday, find a quiet Tuesday morning that will be a little less busy. Look to join groups of seniors that are taking in a play or a concert together – freedom often comes in numbers.

Find A Companion

Going to an event alone can sometimes make a situation even more painful. And in some cases, going to an event can be a complicated process. You might not be as agile on your feet as you once were. The thoughts of large crowds can make you nervous at best. Home caregivers can be your travel companion to events and provide you with the security you need – a friendly face to share with and a solid arm to lean on.

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