Travelling Alone – At The Same Time

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Your mom wants to head back to her 50th class reunion – you want to take the family to the beach. Yet you only have time for a one-week vacation – what do you do?
Rather than giving in and helping your mom back to her home state and being with her while she visits old friends, why not have the best of both worlds?
Caregiving doesn’t have to take place just inside the home. Why not hire a travel companion? Someone who is specialized in caregiving and can help with all her needs – large to small.
Studies increasingly show that the more mobile, the more social we can be as we age, the better we’ll be and the longer we’ll live. Even if your mom is having some trouble living on her own, allowing her to socialize with old friends may pick up her spirits and improve her mind.
And with a week to yourself with your own family, what could be better?

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